Crosswind Aviation offers flight instruction for Private, Instrument, Commercial, Initial Flight Instructor, as well as Flight Instructor Add-On's. Our staffing is comprised of knowledgeable high experience flight instructors of whom all trained locally in Casper, WY.



Dual Aircraft Instruction - $ 40 / Hour

Dual Ground Instruction - $ 33 / Hour

Dual AATD Instruction - $ 33 / Hour

Flight Instruction in Owner Aircraft  - $50/Hour





Brian Lang - Chief Flight Instructor 

Brian completed majority of his flight training in Casper, WY. He has experience with part 135 Charter Operations, an EMS pilot for Wyoming Medical Center, as well as Chief Pilot for a local company.


Lucas Gooder - Manager / Senior Flight Instructor

Lucas completed all of his flight training in Casper, WY, while earning a degree from Casper College. Outside of flight instruction, Lucas has experience from various pilot services that includes seaplanes in the remote Alaskan bush and Part 91 corporate operations .


Brian Parke - Certified Flight Instructor

Brian is Casper College alumni who completed all of his flight training here in Casper, WY. He has been a part of this program for many years both as a student and from behind the counter as a customer service representative. Brian also manages our Allegiant Airlines operation and we are happy to have him as an instructor.